Q:[iPad only] When I do simultaneous slides, iPad occasionally changes its focus to an another app.
A:Please turn off multitasking gestures from iPad settings. Unfortunately this cannot be disabled from an app as of now.

Q:[iOS only] The game's input seems unreliable around the edge of the screen.
A:Please turn off 3D Touch from iOS settings!

Q:I'm new to this game and just played Darksphere XXXL. Now what?!
A:You are either an ultra impatient extreme or those never heed the advice. Press/Start is friend for everyone!

Q:I don't seem to get any hard mode songs!
A:Go to the Solarsphere episode from the menu screen (Solarsphere is unlocked by default in the recent versions)
Just be careful, hard mode is really tough and supposed to be played after you feel like normal mode is piece of cake!

Q:How many songs/levels in the game?
A:Please see Tone Sphere Wiki.

Q:The game suddenly starts to lag like crazy.
A:This reason for this problem is unknown, but is universal for iDevices and more likely to happen when the device is up and running for a long time. Usually, rebooting the device can solve this problem.

Q:What shakycam mod exactly does?
A:Just for fun - try tilt or rotate your device while in gameplay...

Q:How can I backup the save data?
A:On iOS, please turn iCloud on and your progress would be saved there (Please note that saved progress will be lost if you remove the app from your iDevice). In case iCloud does not work, you can transfer your data via iTunes.
On Android, copy Android/data/com.bit192labs.tonesphere/save.bin in the SDCard or the internal storage to anywhere you want (Cloud storages may become available in the future).

Q:Who made this game?
A:Tone Sphere is made as a hobby of some Japanese guy Sta Kousin in tandem with an awesome alternative music label STRlabel.

Q:I have a question or have something to say. How can I reach you?
A:Yessss, sir! Please ping me at the Facebook page, E-mail, or twitter.

Made by Sta Kousin

(c) Bit192 Labs / Sta Kousin