Touch the notes along the rhythm when a sphere overlaps with its frame. The more precise the timing, the bigger explosion you'll make.
If you have more than two stars when the song ends, you have cleared the song! You'll get more songs depends on your performance, but if you get so many stars, you'll also get something more...
There are up to four difficulties per song:

EASY Relaxing
NORMAL Fun and trippy
HARD Mindbending - for hardcore rhythm game players
EXPERT Terrible. Don't try this at home.

Fun Stuff
・Tap sound effect icon multiple times for volume settings.
・Tap back button thrice while in the gameplay to instant restart. If you feel like you have botched in the first part of the song, this could help a lot!
・You can touch the notes in any way you want, but don't punch nor slap the screen unless you'd like to break your device.
Advanced Instructions
You can measure how precise your timing was by (if you have turned it on) the sound effect, flashing combo, but also by the color and size of explosion.
Every slide has a single tap sphere on its starting point. You might want to understand it as a straight continous lines as harder songs have large slide streams.
Harder stages have a non-directional slides and you can slide from any direction as long as it's outside of said slide.
If a hold sphere is moving along the path, you'll need to follow or else your combo would break.
Don't let up your finger as though your combo wouldn't instantly break, you can't get the maximum score since the combo wouldn't be counting while you are not holding it.
Stars are only increasing and you wouldn't lose one even if you are doing badly.
Depending on difficulty, let perfect be two points and great be 0.33 points, the clear border = total notes. Let's try to get a gold stars if you feel being skilled with this game.

IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYONE: Pick a song with four or more fingers to activate so-called autoplay mode.
Did you found this yourself? Then you are a king of easter egg.
+With autoplay turned on, you might see a little different result screen...

Made by Sta Kousin

(c) Bit192 Labs / Sta Kousin